Xero Partner


Accounting Software

 Xero is "beautiful accounting software" that allows users to log in online anytime - from a Mac, PC, tablet, or phone - to see up-to-date cash information. 

It's cloud-based software that's simple, smart, and sometimes magical. 


We can get you running on Xero in several ways:

  • By doing your bookkeeping
  • By setting up Xero for your company and teaching you how to do the bookkeeping
  • Or some combination of the above

Xero integrates with more than 500 other cloud based tools, including online payment processing, inventory management, and job costing.

Breakthrough Solutions was one of the early adopters of cloud based accounting solutions.  We were the 6th Xero advisor in the state of Texas five years ago!  We specialize in eCommerce integrations (Amazon, Shopify, and more).